Young Women Run Workshops

On-Camera Media Training

Be the candidate in a live film studio. Learn tips and tricks to deliver an on-air message, craft the perfect sound bite, and respond to press questions. Practice these key media tips in real time.

Presenter: Chuck Rocha, President & Founder, Solidarity Strategies

Campaign Fundraising Essentials: Show me the Money

Women are incredible fundraisers! Learn practical fundraising tools to help launch and run your campaign.

Presenters: John Bronstein, Principal, Strathdee Group; Maura Keaney, First Vice President, Amalgamated Bank; Amy Strathdee, Founding Principal, The Strathdee Group

Leveraging Facebook on your Political Campaign

Learn how to harness the power of your social network to build support and deliver your message in a political campaign.

Presenter: Crystal Patterson, Outreach Manager, Facebook

Enhance your network with LinkedIn

There are over 450 million members on LinkedIn. Learn how you can use the platform to enhance your political career. Leave the session with an all-star profile and headshot.

Presenter: Nikila Kakarla, LinkedIn

Nuts & Bolts of Campaign Field Organizing

Congratulations! You’ve decided to run. So how do you get people to vote for you, and which people are you targeting? Learn successful strategies to identify and persuade voters to cast their ballot for you!

Presenter: John Miyasato, Founder, Crossroads Campaigns