Young Women Run Workshops

Campaign 101: When, Where and How to Run

Do you envision yourself running for office soon? Need guidance on how to jumpstart your campaign? Walk away with a road map and the tools that you’ll need to run. Author and political trainer Christine Pelosi will help you strategize on how to position yourself for a successful run. Facilitator: Christine Pelosi

Leveraging LinkedIn for your Campaign

Social networks are key to building community and preparing your future candidacy. Learn how to develop invaluable online relationships and expand your campaign networks. Facilitator: Niki Kakarla, LinkedIn

Be a Confident Candidate

Nerves holding you back? Are you worried you don't look or act like “a traditional” candidate? Tell ‘imposter syndrome’ to pack its bags with new confidence-building tips and tricks. Facilitator:  Sarah Chamberlin, Republican Main Street Partnership

On-Air Media Training

Ever wonder what it takes to deliver a message on air? Step into the limelight. Learn key media tips, and practice appearing on television in a real studio. Facilitator: Emily Lenzner, Atlantic Media (1 breakout); Chuck Rocha, Solidarity Strategies  (2 breakouts)

Social Media in a Campaign Setting

You already know how to post for fun. Learn to harness the power and tools of your social network to build support and deliver your message in a political campaign. Facilitator: Crystal Patterson, Facebook

Nuts & Bolts of Building a Grassroots Campaign

Launch your campaign from the ground  up with a core constituency base. Learn to authentically engage with voters, the importance of call time and a how-to guide on designing compelling mail pieces. Facilitator:Vanessa Moyonero, Solidarity Strategies

Op Eds to Change the World

We all have an opinion,  especially on issues that impact our daily lives. Public thought leadership helps advance your ideas as candidate. Learn how to share your voice persuasively and position yourself as a leader. Facilitator: Catherine Baxter, OpEd Project 

How to Set Yourself Up Financially to Run

Avoid the common financial pitfalls of first-time campaigners. Learn the tricks of the trade to manage campaign finances. Facilitator: Maura Keaney, Amalgamated Bank

Tech Organizing for a Win

Learn how to use online platforms to raise money and get the word out about your campaign from a successful newly  elected official.


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