Conference Agenda


Lunch Plenary: Advice for a Future Candidate

Have you declared your ambition to run for office? Women across the nation are running in record numbers and the face of our democracy is changing. IGNITE alum Karla Garcia sits down with elected women to gather expert advice on developing your leadership, running a successful campaign and winning your seat!

Breakouts Sessions

ADVOCACY 101: Advocacy is for everyone! Learn the seven steps to creating an advocacy campaign around the issue of your choice so you can make a change in your community!

TEXAS HEALTH: Healthcare is changing. Learn how you can advocate for your health and the issues affecting Texans today. Hosted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

A WOMAN’S PLACE IS IN THE PULPIT: Women aren’t just underrepresented in politics—they also make up 20% of clergy. Learn about the intersection of religious life and civic engagement.

LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA TO ADVANCE YOUR CAMPAIGN: How do young political candidates and leaders use Facebook and Instagram? What are the opportunities to reach constituents and drive change? Let's find out!

WHAT DO YOU LEAD WITH? More women are running for office and achieving high levels of success, yet research suggests that many women still lack confidence and hesitate to speak up in meetings. Learn simple strategies and tips to build confidence using your own leadership style.

MAP THE VOTE - USING GIS TO FIND LIKELY VOTERS: You don't have to be a geography whiz or database guru to leverage the wealth of information on your campaign. Discover how to use the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to spatially identify issues in your community and develop discussion points for your campaign.

FUNDRAISING 101: Fear of fundraising keeps future candidates from running for office, depriving the public of their leadership. We can solve that for you with this workshop, removing fundraising as a block to running for office. Hint: it begins with gratitude.

STAND UP AND SPEAK: Standing center stage and sharing your message is critical to your success. Learn the formula that works for you to develop and deliver a presentation that people notice.

TANGIBLE IMPACT - EXPANDING YOUR INFLUENCE: We are all influencers who can affect change. Learn from a current Mayoral candidate and business consultant how you can expand your circle of influence factor and apply it to your activism and political work.

UPHILL BATTLES - RUNNING IN CHALLENGING DISTRICTS: Why run in a district that is deemed unwinnable? Learn why three former candidates ran in challenging districts, lost and plan to run again.

RUNNING YOUR FIRST CAMPAIGN: It takes a village to run for office, and there’s no better way to learn how to run than working on a campaign. Hear from a first-time candidate and campaign manager on their plan for a winning strategy.