Young Women Run Bay Area Agenda




Morning Plenary

Ideas to Action: Women Mobilizing for Change

Female activists share how they are channeling their passion and mobilizing their communities to make lasting positive change - paving the way to their own runs for office in the near future.  

Afternoon Plenary

You ran, what’s next?

2018 saw a dramatic increase in the number of women who ran for office at the local, state and federal level. Meet first-time IGNITE candidates - some who won and some who lost - and hear what lessons they learned from their first time on the campaign trail.

Breakout Sessions

Women’s Health in CA

Reproductive health is at the forefront of young women’s minds right now as policies and priorities shift across California. Learn what’s at stake in 2019 and how to organize for reproductive health in your community.

The Census Matters

Every decade the United States counts its citizens and uses that information to draw political districts. If the population in a particular region grows, they get more political representation. If it shrinks, the region gets less. Learn how you can make sure every person in America is counted so we all get the representation we deserve.

Join a Public Board or Commission and Serve Your Community

Getting appointed to a community board or commission is a great first step on your path to elected office. Learn about the appointment and application process and hear what issues current commissioners are working on.

Making Sense of Tech Policy

Technology moves fast, which imposes many risks and issues for regulators. What is the balance between innovation and regulation? Learn from experts about the issues we are facing and how you can ensure that we have equitable outcomes!