Womxn in the IGNITE Community on the 11/3 ballot

Young womxn are owning their political power by running for office across the nation. They’re hoping to make a difference in their community and inspire the next generation of leaders by making their way into elected office. Here are some of the many womxn in the IGNITE community who will be on the November 3rd ballot.* 

*This list will continue to be updated. If you know someone who should be on this list, please email social@ignitenational.org with their name, photo and a short quote. 

Ebony Carter - Georgia House,  District 110, GA

“As our community grows, it changes. Our community should be made for the people and by the people. I will fight against economic, health, social and environmental discrimination in our community.  I will also fight for free and fair elections across Georgia.”  


Cydnei Drake - Carrollton-Farmers Branch School Board, TX 

“As a first-generation college student, I understand the importance of a quality education and the opportunities afforded by that honor. I also understand that our community is changing, and we must embrace that change to ensure that our students and staff have the best that CFBISD has to offer.” 


Christina Haswood - Kansas House, District 10, KS 

“Christina is running to bring public health expertise to state government during a time of unprecedented crisis, and to protect Kansans who are impoverished as she once was.” 


Amanda Hernandez - Apple Valley Fire Board, CA 

“Amanda is committed to her family, her community, and her country. With a sibling in the Army's Special Forces, she understands the sacrifices families make to protect our country, our communities, and our lives. She has a deep respect for emergency services and will fight to protect public safety.” 



Chantel Jackson - New York State Assembly, District 79, NY 

"Chantel wants to reduce high rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and asthma by addressing the environmental factors that are the causes for these issues. She wants to properly fund mental health services and increase insurance for uninsured and underinsured people." 

Sasha Renee Perez - Alhambra City Council, CA 

“Since graduating, Sasha has continued her work on pressing policy issues, led statewide campaigns, and educated constituents from across California on how to effectively fight for policies to improve their community.” 



Sameera Rajwade - San Ramon City Council, CA

 “As a community organizer, I understand how to listen and advocate for others. I am confident that my experience, excitement and energy will make me an effective City Council Member.” 



Amanda Septimo - New York State Assembly, District 84, NY  

“We all deserve representation that stands up for the needs of our community. Amanda Septimo is fighting to make sure The Bronx finally has the representation it deserves.” 



Louise Snodgrass - South Dakota House, District 7, SD

“With a vision of creating an inclusive, diverse, and connected community, the City of Brookings brings creative and great minds together to find solutions to our area’s challenges. Our community works with dedication and authenticity to ensure a brighter future for all.” 


Phara Souffrant Forrest - New York State Assembly, District 57, NY 

“Through my experiences as a tenant leader and a nurse, I have learned that we need to build a mass movement for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice.” 


Candace Valenzuela, Texas House, District 24, TX

“Grateful for these opportunities she could not have afforded on her own, Candace knew that she wanted to give back. She pursued work in education, including mentoring youth, tutoring, and working with special-needs students. But the moment that inspired her to enter public service was when she became a mother.” 


Kacie Weicherding - State Representative, District 108, IL 

“I am dedicated to fighting for the working families of Southern Illinois. I’m running for office to assure that everyone in Illinois is represented.” 



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Womxn who ran in 2020 

The following are IGNITE women we wish were on the ballot on 11/3! They ran tough races and gave it everything in the primaries. We can't wait to see them back on the ballot in the future.