Young women are going to save America

I am in awe of the heroes who have emerged from the Parkland massacre. While our country is literally crippled by partisan stasis - unable to do anything but offer empty prayers and platitudes - young people like Emma Gonzalez have emerged as the leaders this country needs, impatient and demanding policy action.

At IGNITE we've known for a long time that young people, and specifically young women, are going to save our democracy. They are fired up, they have solutions for change, and they are ready to lead. Young women like:

gracie.jpgGracie Anderson, an IGNITE college student at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA last week organized the “Will My School Be Next?” grassroots campaign asking Washington lawmakers to make gun safety a priority. Learn more about #WillWeBeNext: KIRO7Q13 Fox and KING5


Abiola Agoro, an IGNITE participant, is a Fort Worth native and now serves as the President of the NAACP chapter at George Washington University. As President, Abiola wants GWU leadership to address racism on campus by requiring diversity training for all incoming students, annual training for teachers and more. Her recommendations are getting national attention: WUSA9  and DCWNews.

sophie.jpgSofie Karasek, an IGNITE alumna, who co-founded End Rape on Campus and is now leading the #InMyWords campaign to demand that policymakers institute bold solutions to America's sexual assault crisis.

Like you, I am tired of the status quo. I am tired of a political system that rewards preservation of power over public service. And I am ready for a new generation of women to raise their voices and step into political power. The time for change is now.

Thank you for helping us prepare young women to lead. They are the change our country needs right now.