Women's March Reflections

“A woman’s place is in the House… and the Senate.” This phrase resonated with me when I first heard it, and since that moment one of my ambitions has been to one day become an elected official.

On January 20, 2018 there was a chance to voice my disappointment and disdain with the government system, and I knew I had to be a part of it. It was the day of the Women’s March in Los Angeles and all across the United States.


I am thankful that my university actually provided transportation to the march, even though they got no direct benefit from it. Usually, all their actions are made with the assertion that they will receive something physical in return. Unfortunately, coordination amongst my group wasn’t too organized, so I ended up having to be alone. However, I quickly made friends with a woman who was also alone, and we marched together. This fact within itself shows how supportive and open-minded women are. These are qualities all good leader should have.

Being a part of the sea of women who came together for a single cause was truly inspiring. This march was not only in support for women’s equality, but also about the intersectional issues that affect many women. Being a woman is not just just about gender; it is about our role in society and the different groups with which we identify. The beautiful artwork and creative slogans on the thousands of posters women were holding demonstrated the vast range of issues that affect us. From reproductive health access to equal pay, these issues are all are unfortunately predominant in our society, a society that prides itself in being just and providing freedom to their people. There is more advancements to be made on these fronts, and women will be the leaders who helps society get there.

Signs and protestors as they approach Los Angeles City Hall      Karina Ventura and her friend

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