What is Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month was first recognized in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson. Now Hispanic Heritage Month, the celebration lasts from September 15th to October 15th. The start date marks the celebration of independence for multiple Latin American countries. Continue reading to learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Hispanic/Latinx/Chicanx Americans. The celebration extends to the many countries that make up Latin America, each one bringing a unique cultural experience. This year, Hispanic Heritage Month is happening during an election season. Hispanics are one the fastest-growing demographics in the U.S., this year 23 million Hispanics will be eligible voters. Hispanics also make up 35% of Gen Z, a growing number of voters. Despite this, Hispanics only make up 38 seats in the House and 4 seats in the Senate

We need all Hispanics who are eligible to vote to do so in order to ensure that the voices of the communities are heard. Text IGNITE to 33777 to get a personalized voting plan so you can #IGNITEtheVote! 

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