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If you can’t see it you can’t be it, which is why role modeling is integral to the IGNITE model.

Elected Network

Female elected officials, candidates, and policymakers speak with young women at high schools, on college campuses, and at IGNITE virtual conferences and convenings. Elected women also provide civic and political engagement opportunities in the form of internships, jobs, and invitations to events. Read our welcome packet

What members of IGINTE's Elected Network do: 

  • Speak at an IGNITE event
  • Mentor a young women
  • Create internships for IGNITE participants
  • Facilitate a college meeting
  • Lead a conference session
  • Sit on conference panels
  • And more! 

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Political Professional Network

IGNITE’s Political Professional Network encompasses a cabinet of political leaders to serve as a resource to college chapters and fellows connecting them with speakers for events, mentors, and allies for entering into the political arena. This network includes everyone from legislative aides and assistants, chief of staffs, executive directors of mayor-appointed offices, commissioners, to campaign managers, communication and marketing directors, and political analysts. We request that you join the IGNITE Professional Network to invest in nurturing the next generation of women leaders, enhancing their skills and opportunities. Read the welcome packet.

What members of IGINTE's Political Professional Network do: 

  • Speak at an IGNITE event
  • Mentor 1 to 2 young women
  • Co-host an IGNITE Bootcamp
  • Connect women with other political leaders
  • Provide internships for IGNITE participants
  • Help IGNITE women get appointed to boards/commissions
  • Host a webinar on your area of expertise
  • And more!

Join the Political Professional Network

Thank you so much for your generosity and your commitment to ensuring that young women can follow in your footsteps!