Texas Facilitators


Cari Anderson, Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Academy  

“I work for IGNITE because I believe that girls should have the education and resources to enact positive social and political change. Their message of empowerment for girls, specifically in politics, is one that should be spread across the country.” 





Simi Bakare, KIPP Sunnyside and Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy 

“I work for IGNITE because I want to be a role model to young women as they become empowered to make a change and difference in the world by being politically engaged. By working for IGNITE, I plan to ensure these young women that their voice can be heard as we all become educated and engaged in leadership.”




L'Aunajnee Carriere, North Dallas High School

“I work for IGNITE because I think it is absolutely necessary for teenagers to have a grasp on certain policies and how things work within the United States. I look forward to teaching students the multifaceted nature of politics and am extremely excited for the experience.”






Brenda Chapa, KIPP Generations Collegiate Academy

"I teach for IGNITE because it allows me to see that I have the potential to succeed in a political environment, and to also allow others to know that they themselves have a voice in their community and in politics, and that no mater what there is always room for a lady in office."






Syd Clark, Skyline High School

“I work for IGNITE because half of the world’s total population is not equally represented amongst the people that make our legislation. Women, especially young women, need to understand that they have the capability to (and should be equipped with the power to) make great change.”




lauren.pngLauren Gilman, R. L. Paschal High School

“I work for IGNITE’s high school program so I can support other young women who are discovering their own political leadership, and help them realize why their voice matters.”





nat.pngNatalia Hazelwood, KIPP Houston High School

"I work for IGNITE because I believe in the power of all women, both young and old, to make a difference in their community, their city, and their country. By working for IGNITE, I believe that I can help inspire the limitless potential inside the dreams of every girl."




claire.pngClaire Huitt, The Hockaday School 

“By working for IGNITE I hope to empower young women to pursue futures in the political arena, as I have been so empowered.”





kinda.pngKinda Darwish Laffiteau, Dalla Law Magnet

“I work for IGNITE because I believe this is a position where my passion for empowering young women will grow. I also believe that working with IGNITE will enhance my public speaking skills and civic engagement experience, as well as my understanding the pros and cons of running for public office.”




brooke.pngBrooke Lopez, Brookhaven Early College High School 

“I work for IGNITE because it is a stepping stone for young women hoping to make a tangible impact on their community through local government. IGNITE introduces viable tools to lead the youth of today towards a direction of serving others with step-by-step instructions on how to make a political difference.”




mo.pngMarieta “MO” Oglesby, Summit International Preparatory Academy

“I teach for IGNITE because I want to encourage young women to be leaders and to strive for political office.”






Lajja Shah, Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership Academy

“I work for IGNITE because I want to empower young individual minds to become civically engaged and to take a step forward in their communities.”






ashley.pngAshley Tarng, MacArthur High School

“I work with IGNITE because I believe women should have equal rights and the same opportunities as men. I believe that IGNITE empowers women to go out and reach for their goals by providing them training that can promote gender equality in our country.”





Karlye Tolley, KIPP Northeast College Preparatory

“I work for IGNITE because the organization brings empowerment to young ladies and women striving for political change in their society. I am involved with IGNITE in bringing confidence to women and aspiring them to become leaders in our society.”