2018 Texas Conference Agenda & Workshops


9:00-10:00 a.m. Registration, Breakfast & Resource Fair

10:00-10:50 a.m. Session I

11:00-11:50 a.m.  Session II

11:50-1:30 p.m. Keynote Speaker and Luncheon

1:40-2:30 p.m. Session III

Breakout Sessions

Bring IGNITE to Your College: Hear from IGNITE leaders who established chapters on their campus--and learn how you can too! Speakers: Geovanie Ordonez, IGNITE San Antonio Fellow; Angelica Ramirez, IGNITE University of Houston President; Madalyn Shircliff, IGNITE Texas Christian University President

Texas Civic Ambassadors: Join the Annette Strauss Institute for a guided exercise on leveraging your own power and privilege to become an influential civic leader Speakers: Brooke Lopez and Adrianna Malberry, Texas Civic Ambassadors for the Annette Strauss Institute

Protecting our Environment and Natural Resources: Learn how to advocate for the environmental policies you care about in your community. Speakers: Dr. Rhonda Love, Professor, and Secretary of DAG; Sharon Wilson, Senior Organizer, EARTHWORKS Oil and Gas Accountability Project

Map Out Your Political Campaign: How do you know when to launch your first political campaign? Walk away with a roadmap and the tools you’ll need to run Speaker: Sasha Moreno, Immigration Attorney at Lira Bravo Law

Who’s Going to Vote for Me?: Launch your campaign from the ground up by building a core constituency base and engaging voters and volunteers from the get-go. Speaker: Hon. Claudia Sandoval, City Council Member, City of Cockrell Hill

Grassroots Organizing: Galvanize local groups and launch networks to take action around issues you care about in your community! Speaker: Whitney Warren, NextGen Votes Chairman, North Dallas Texas Democratic Women

Identity and Power: Learn how power, privilege and oppression factor into the current political climate by examining historical perspectives as well as your own experience. Speakers: Jamila Thomas, Dallas ISD Strategic Initiatives & External Relations; Dr. Danielle Philips-Cunningham, Associate Professor, Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies, Texas Woman’s University

Campaign Ethics: Discover how to run a successful and positive campaign while dealing with an antagonistic opponent. Speaker: Hon. Nancy Yingling, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Coppell

Managing Personal Wellness: Learn how to practice mindfulness and self-care, like yoga and meditation, to help you become a more effective political leader.  Speaker: Dr. Ashley Lundahl, Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas Woman’s University

Refugees are our Neighbors: Hear how local leaders are developing policies to address the influx of refugees in our communities. Speakers: Hon. Miguel Solis, Trustee, Dallas Independent School District, Nikiya Natale, Legal Director, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Dallas-Fort Worth

Running as a Woman of Color: Women of color are underrepresented in politics. Engage with local elected officials about how we can encourage and support young women of all backgrounds to run for office. Speakers: Hon. Tina Yoo Clinton, Judge, Dallas County; Dr. Patty Garcia, Vice President, Latino Center for Leadership Development; Hon. Candice Quarles, City Council Member, DeSoto; and Hon. Sara Bagheri, Mayor Pro Tem, Denton

Money Management: Develop strong financial management skills in preparation for a future campaign. Speaker: Shari Hicks, Frost Bank

Leveraging Your Social Network: Learn how to harness the power and tools of your social network to build support, and deliver your message in a political campaign. Speaker: Arisha Smith, CEO & Managing Partner, Idyllic Interactive

Full STEAM Ahead: A Path to Politics: The statistics on the under-representation of women are similar in both STEAM and politics. Both career paths require creativity, ingenuity and design. Practice these skills by building a robot in this hands-on workshop. Speaker: Kimberly Powell, Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer

Title IX: What You Need to Know: Sexual misconduct and sexual harassment are dominating the headlines. Dive into Title IX, what it means to you, and how you can be a legislative advocate. Speakers: Hon. Mia Price, President of the Denton ISD Board of Trustees; Stephanie Krauth, Associate Vice President for Student Engagement, Texas Woman’s University

Women in Tech: Women in politics and women in tech face similar obstacles as they become leaders. Learn what we can do to break down barriers so that women are influential across sectors.  Speaker: Loretta Powers, Attorney and Legal Analyst, Law Offices of Tim Powers

Why am I Running?: Walk away with a roadmap for turning your passion for creating change into your political platform. Speaker: Hon. Amber Givens Davis, State District Judge

From Here to There: Transportation Policy: Transportation policy plays a vital role in providing upward mobility for riders. Discuss policy solutions to alleviate poverty, create affordable housing and help the environment. Speaker: Dominique Torres, Dallas Area Rapid Transit Board Member

Military Leadership: Meet decorated servicewomen to discuss how the military shapes political candidates. Speakers: Major General Mary Saunders, USAF, Retired, Executive Director of Texas Woman’s University Leadership Institute; and Colonel Kimberly Olson, USAF, Retired, Candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Political Activism in the Era of #MeToo: Women are taking a stand against sexual harassment and violence in the workplace, school, and beyond. Knowing your rights is the first step to advocating for change. Speakers: Hannah Alexander, Attorney/Equal Justice Works Fellow, Hon. Bobbie Edmonds, Alternate Municipal Judge, Forest Hill

Human Rights Advocacy: Mosaic serves survivors of human rights abuses from around the world and within our community. Become equipped future leaders with the skills to impact your diverse communities for a stronger, more vibrant North Texas. Speakers: Nikki Joo, Mosaic, Noel Mendoza, Mosaic

Next Steps: Plug into the IGNITE Alumni Network: Continue on your path to political leadership with IGNITE. Develop a 5-year plan to run for office. Speaker: Whitney Thomas, Alumni Network Manager