September News 2018

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A note from our Founder & President

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Every election year I get asked if I think it will finally be another ‘Year of the Woman.' This year I’m thrilled to see so many women advancing out of their primaries, and even more excited to watch this moment in history inspire IGNITE women to get out and work on these campaigns!

Loren Walter, Hannah Ageogun and Dariah Norwood, from the IGNITE College Chapters at Agnes Scott and Spelman College, are campaigning for gubernatorial-hopeful Stacey Abrams.

Young Women Run attendee Allison Ives volunteered for Maria Moen’s campaign for Michigan State Representative.

Better yet, IGNITE women are working on each others’ campaigns! Alumna Esmerelda Cortez Rosales is the Co-Campaign Manager for alumna Mya Whitaker, a candidate for Oakland City Council District 6.

Amanda Septimo and Catalina Cruz, candidates for New York State Assembly, first met at our inaugural Young Women Run conference in New York City, and have been showing up for each other ever since, with several IGNITE women working on their campaigns. 

As we always tell our young women, the best way to prepare for your first run is to volunteer on a campaign, to get out in your community and flex your political muscles. Women are running today and IGNITE women are coming right up behind them.

Onward, to the midterms!

Anne Moses, Ph.D., Founder & President 

IGNITE's candidate of the month: Caitlin Quinn

Caitlin Quinn, an alumna of our college chapter at U.C. Berkeley, is running to be a Trustee for the Petaluma Joint Union High School District. She has a long history of civic engagement and served on the Statewide Nonprofit Board for the U.C. Student Association, Petaluma City Youth Commission, and more.

“I am young, but that doesn’t mean I am inexperienced. I know how to engage young people. I know what students’ issues are: homework that feels like busywork, curriculum that doesn’t feel relevant, bullying and harassment that drives our kids to self-harm and self-medicate. I want to see our Board be proactive in solving problems.” - Caitlin

IGNITE political power on your college campus!

It’s never been more important for you to step into political power. Bring IGNITE to your campus.

LAUNCH A COLLEGE CHAPTER: IGNITE’s student-led campus organizations build political and civic engagement among college women. Chapters organize activities like voter registration drives, policy workshops, and meetings with elected women and candidates.

JOIN A COLLEGE COUNCIL: IGNITE has regional councils for college women who want to hone their leadership skills and bring IGNITE to their campuses. Councils meet quarterly to receive training on how to run for office and organize around community solutions, learn from elected officials, and build a network of support for launching campaigns.

License IGNITE’s K-12 Curriculum

IGNITE is thrilled to partner with educators nationally to build political ambition in the classroom. Schools, non-profits and companies can license our curriculum and bring IGNITE to your community.

IGNITE’s curriculum trains girls and young women to understand how government works, why it matters, and how to analyze the policy issues that impact their lives. We have three unique curriculum packages:

  • K-5 Curriculum
  • Middle School Curriculum
  • High School Curriculum

IGNITE has a sliding scale fee structure to accommodate institutions that serve students across the economic spectrum. Learn more and bring IGNITE to your school!

Pledge to #IGNITEtheVote

Young women typically vote at a 6% higher rate than young men. The 2016 election was no exception. If all eligible young women voted, YOU would have the power to determine Every. Single. Election.

#IGNITEtheVote by taking our pledge:  I will vote in the November 2018 midterm election!

Want to get more involved with IGNITE’s voter activation efforts in your community? Reach out to

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