Saha Salahi
Las Vegas Fellow

Saha Salahi is serving her 2nd year as the Las Vegas Fellow. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication with a Brookings Public Policy Minor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She is currently a Student Researcher at Brookings Mountain West and the Lincy Institute, as well as the Congressional District 3 Coordinator for the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement. Saha is dedicated to the Las Vegas community and has served as a District Intern for Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford. She has also completed over 150 volunteer hours which span from being a teacher’s assistant for elementary-level students to organizing food and book drives for local K-12 schools. As a product of Afghan-American parents, Saha hopes to be an advocate for minority groups and use her voice to bring about equal representation at a local and national level. For Las Vegas inquiries, contact



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