Resources for interning with an elected official

Interning with an elected official can show you the ins and outs of having a career in politics, help you build your network and open the door to future opportunities. Below are some resources for interning with an elected official, within Congress or within State Legislature. 



U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Department of State

Paid Internship Opportunities 

2020 Congressional Internships Database 






Ohio House of Representatives Internship Program

U.S. Senator for Ohio

Ohio Legislative Black Caucus




State Board of Education

Congressional Internships (Columbia University) 

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Programs 

Congressional Internship (UCLA) 


Los Angeles 


City of LA Internships 

LA Mayor’s Office Internship 

District Supervisor Internship (paid) 


Las Vegas 


Public Service Intern Program 

Senator Rosen Internship Program 

Nevada Political Internships 




County Commissioner 

State Attorney’s Office 

U.S. Representative of Florida's 26th District




Governor's Internship Program

United States Senator for Minnesota 

State Legislative Internship Programs




Mayor's Office Internship Program 

Legislative Internship Program 

Tennessee Legislative Internship Program (University of Tennessee)


New York City 


New York State Assembly Internship 

New York City Mayor Internship Program

NYC Summer Youth Employment  

New York State Senate


San Antonio 


District 3 Legacy Leadership Initiative

Congressman for the 20th District of Texas 

Representative of Texas District 23




City of Seattle 

Legislative Internship Program

Congresswoman for WA-07