Purchased Curriculum FAQ

Q: How do I access the curriculum once payment is processed?

A: Please have your curriculum administrator navigate to www.ignitenational.org/national_high_school_curriculum_resources. They will need to make a username and password using the email address associated with your payment to access. Please save this login information as it is needed each time you wish to access the curriculum.

Q: How soon will I be able to access the curriculum after payment?

A: This depends on your method of payment.

Paid Online: automatic access
Mailed Check: please give us 5-7 business days from your check mailing date to process your payment and set up user access for your curriculum administer.

Q: How can I learn more about delivering the curriculum to students?

A: To make the most use of the curriculum register for a training webinar at www.ignitenational.org/high_school_license_training_webinars.

Q: Who can I contact with questions about my purchased curriculum? 

A: For programmatic questions please contact Chief Program Officer Sara Guillermo at sara@ignitenational.org. For technical or log in issues please contact Operations Manager Hazel Wheeler at hazel@ignitenational.org. Please be prepared to provide proof of payment. 

Q: What do I need to share with IGNITE after I start delivering the curriculum?

A: Each school/program will need to provide feedback to IGNITE about how curriculum delivery. Please have each participant complete the enrollment form at the start of programming and the evaluation form at the end of programming.

Q: What types of support can I expect throughout the academic year? 

A: IGNITE will provide an orientation training, deep-dive trainings on curriculum and an end of the year wrap-up training.