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November 5, 2018. IGNITE Program Harnessing Increased Political Activism of Women Gen Z and Women Millennials

June 19, 2018. IGNITE to Host Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference

May 31, 2018. Miss America Teams Up With IGNITE To Promote Female Political Engagement 

May 31, 2018. IGNITE PSAs expose the ugly truth about why we need women in politics

February 28, 2018. IGNITE to host San Francisco Young Women’s Political Leadership Summit

February 5, 2018. IGNITE hosts leadership conference to build political ambition in young women eager to make change

January 24, 2018. IGNITE to host first NYC Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference

January 8, 2018. Premiere Young Women’s Political Leadership Organization to Host IGNITE Your Inner Superhero Breakfast

July 13, 2017. IGNITE and Running Start Launch Inaugural Young Women Run Conference in Nation's Capital

April 24, 2017. Los Angeles summit to galvanize the next generation of women to become civic and political leaders. 

March 1, 2017. IGNITE to host 6th Annual Bay Area Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference. 

February 7, 2017. Event to Galvanize the next generation of women into political leadership.

February 6, 2017. IGNITE Hosts Leadership Conference to Build Political Ambition in Young Women Eager to Effect Change.

December 15, 2016. IGNITE to Host Post-Election Mobilization Event to Galvanize the Next Generation of Women into Political Leadership.

October 15, 2016. IGNITE National Spokesperson Vannessa Vasquez Will Address Students at KIPP Houston High School.

October 11, 2016. 9 Cities, 1 Night-Supporting the Next Generation of Women Leaders.

September 30, 2016. Vannessa Vasquez Joins IGNITE as a National Celebrity Spokesperson.