Young Women Run Texas: Women & the Republican Party

Nationally there are dramatically fewer Republican women in Congress. But in Texas, there are more Republican women running for office than ever before.

At Young Women Run Texas on Saturday, February 22, 2020, hear from a panel of candidates and politicians as to why we need women on both sides of the aisle and what we can do to make that happen at the local, state and federal level.

Meet the Panelists: Women & the Republican Party


Genevieve Collins, Candidate for Congressional District 32

"I am thrilled to share my message of hope, optimism and conservatism with fellow conservative women. Young women are the future of the Republican party."


Luisa del Rosal, Candidate for Congressional District 114

"I hope to show all the amazing young women present that it doesn’t matter where you come from, your last name, your connections, all women can run and make a difference. I’m an immigrant, a Latina, a millennial and running for office; you can do it, too!"

Lori Ward, Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore, Town of Addison

"I enjoy meeting young leaders that aspire to serve their community. If I can encourage and inspire them to continue building that path, I am fulfilled."

Erleigh Wiley, Criminal District Attorney, Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney

"Meeting young women that are interested in politics would be a great opportunity for me to share my political experience with them. These women are our future leaders!" 

Are you ready to flex your political power and ramp up your civic engagement? Young Women Run Texas will connect you to elected leaders, train you on strategies to mobilize for 2020, and more. You'll build a squad of politically ambitious young women and leave empowered, activated, and ready to run for office - or campaign for a candidate you admire. Onward, to Young Women Run and 2020!

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