Power to the People

A seven-part training series to prepare you to apply for a Police Oversight Commission

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Did you know that many cities across America have Police Oversight Commissions that aim to address police-related incidents? In fact, of the 50 largest U.S. cities, 88% have these commissions. But rarely do young people, especially young women, serve on these governing boards.

YOU will change that. Join Power to the People, a seven-week virtual training that prepares you to apply for a seat on your local Police Oversight Commission.

You'll learn about police commissions in your city, meet with local elected officials, existing commission members, and local policy experts. Power to the People will give you the tools to flip the power in your city. 

NOW is the time to get involved. Let’s harness our momentum to codify new laws, reduce - and one day - eliminate police violence, hold officers and departments accountable, and ultimately, get justice for lives lost.

Series Dates & Details

  • Week 1: What is a Police Oversight Commission? | 9/15 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 2: Police Relations in your Community | 9/22 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 3: Find and understand your commission | 9/29 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 4: Understanding the Appointment Process | 10/6 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 5: Prepare to Serve - Resume workshop | 10/13 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 6: Preparing for your Interview | 10/20 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 7: Navigating your Role as a Commissioner | 10/27 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 

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