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Shradha Parkeh serves as our Columbus Fellow. Shradha is a junior at Ohio State University in Columbus majoring in Public Management, Leadership, & Policy, and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. On campus, Shradha is involved with Undergraduate Student Government and the Multicultural Center.  She is a native Ohioan who is very passionate about social justice issues, especially women’s rights and equality, as well as other minority groups’ advocacy. She hopes to enact change through a position as a public servant for her community, at a local and national level. She wants to empower young women everywhere to succeed in politics and one day run for office! For Columbus inquires, contact shradha@ignitenational.org.

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Legislative Advocacy


SB 92: Revise enforcement of prohibitions against wage discrimination

Bill Summary: The bill adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the continuing law list of classifications on which basis an employer may not discriminate in the payment of wages to employees.

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SB 117: Require hospitals to provide certain services to sexual assault victims

Bill Summary: Establishes a standard of care for certain hospitals when caring for victims of sexual assault and requires that certain services and information on emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and follow-up care be provided.  Requires a hospital to comply with the standard of care for sexual assault victims without regard to the ability of a particular victim to pay for the care provided.  Permits a victim who is a minor to consent to the services without requiring the hospital to notify the minor’s parent or guardian.  Authorizes an individual to file a complaint with the Department of Health if the individual believes a hospital has failed to comply with the bill’s standard of care for victims of sexual assault.

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SB 91: Establish family and medical leave insurance benefits

Bill Summary: Creates the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program to provide 12 weeks of family and medical leave insurance benefits during a 12-month period to an individual to address the individual’s serious health condition, to care for a family member, or to bond with a new child.

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