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Alicia Smith serves as our New York Fellow. She holds a master's degree from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. Alicia's passion is to help communities identify pressing problems, design interventions, and implement strategies to improve the lives of community members. She is also committed to educating young people to become civically engaged. As a student, Alicia developed student advocacy programs and activities with NYU campus staff to empower students. Currently, she is advising young women who are running for office. As a second-year IGNITE fellow, Alicia hopes to help individuals tap into their hidden potential and become active change agents. For New York inquiries, contact

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Int. 1536-2019: Reporting on Title IX

Bill Summary: This bill would require the Commission on Gender Equity (CGE) to include information about Title IX compliance in the City and in schools in its annual report, which is due on December 1 each year and also requires CGE to report on its activities over the previous twelve months, goals for the following year, and recommendations to advance gender equity in the City.

Update (August 26, 2019): The bill was sent to the Higher Education Committee and will now require a vote by the committee, followed by the City Council’s final vote at a subsequent Stated Meeting.

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