National Trivia Day: Women in Politics

Today is National Trivia Day! How much do you know about women in politics throughout history? Test your knowledge with these questions below! 

Question 1 

Answer: D. Victoria Woodhull, a stockbroker and publisher, was the first woman to run for President. She ran in 1872. 

Question 2

Answer: B. Elizabeth Cady Stanton ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1866. She ran even though she was unable to vote. 

Question 3

Answer: D. At least 141 women will serve in the 117th Congress. That’s a record number! 

Question 4

Answer: A. 51 women of color will be serving in the 117th Congress, breaking previous records. 

Question 5

Answer: B. Nevada made history in 2019 with women holding 50.8% of state legislative seats. 

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