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Mother's Day 2020

This mother’s day, honor the amazing women in your life with a gift to IGNITE. As a special thank you, IGNITE will prepare  “Mom” grams for you to publicly recognize those women you wish to celebrate.

Grams come in denominations of $10 or $50.

$10.00 grams

Choose from one of the pre-designed templates with quotes and provide IGNITE with the name(s) of the woman/women you’d like to honor. 

$50.00 grams

Send IGNITE the name(s) of the woman/women and a testimonial or quote and IGNITE will use our template to design a more personalized gram for you.

IGNITE will email you the gram(s) within 24 hours of you making a donation (with expedited delivery during the 24 hours leading up to Mother's Day). Then it’s up to you to share that special shout out via social media channels and/or email. 

Instructions for submitting names and details for grams will be shared after you make your donation. 

Thank you!