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Anna is serving her second year as our Boston Fellow. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University with a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Colonialism Studies. At Tufts University, Anna served as the student body Vice President and the Senior Baccalaureate Speaker. She is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity as a Dean’s Fellow at Harvard Divinity School. On campus, Anna is a Proctor for first-year students, she serves as the Divinity School Representative on the Harvard Graduate Council, and she is a member of Harvard’s Prison Education Program and the Partaker’s College Behind Bars program. Off campus, Anna cultivates her passion for civic engagement by serving as an Andrew Goodman Foundation Puffin Democracy Fellow, where she is organizing a national fair redistricting campaign. Anna is a proud Mississippian, second-generation Peruvian-Bolivian immigrant, and faith-rooted activist for justice. For Boston inquiries, contact

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Legislative Advocacy

H.2711 | S.1878 - Act to Ensure Gender Parity on Public Boards and Commission  

Bill Summary: Women and people of color account for 51.5% and 28% respectively of the states’ population, but remain underrepresented in positions of leadership among our public, taxpayer-funded boards and commissions. Massachusetts leads the nation in human talent, and our pipelines are replete with women and people of color who are ready to serve. Yet the data shows we have a long way to go in order to reach gender parity and increased representation of people of color on our state boards and commissions.

The bill will ensure that beginning on and after January 1, 2022, the composition of each appointed public board and commission in Massachusetts shall broadly reflect the general public of the Commonwealth, including persons of different backgrounds, abilities, interests, and opinions, including ethnic minorities, and shall have not less than 50% women board members or commissioners.

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H.639 | S.408 - An Act Supporting Parents Running for Public Office

Bill Summary: Having a young family is a barrier to running for office in Massachusetts. For many working parents, most notably women and women of color, running a campaign without childcare support is not feasible. By ensuring that campaign funds may be used to pay for relevant and reasonable childcare expenses, we are removing an important obstacle for all parents who seek to serve in public office. 

Fourteen states in the US allow campaign funds to be used for childcare that are directly related to the campaign and that would not exist irrespective of the candidate’s campaign. The proposed legislation in Massachusetts would amend the current campaign finance law to cover childcare expenses. Candidates who incur expenses relating to the provision of childcare services would be allowed reimburses these expenses with campaign funds that they have raised.

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