IGNITE K-12 Programming

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IGNITE’s curriculum trains girls and young women to understand how government works, why it matters, and how to analyze the policy issues that impact their lives. Girls meet with elected women and candidates from their communities, who become role models for success. Throughout this program of rigorous self and community exploration, young women ultimately define their call to service and learn how to become the next generation of civic and political leaders.

There are two ways to access our curriculum:

  • License our toolkits and curriculum
  • Sign up for online learning programs 


We have three unique curriculum packages:

  • K-5 Curriculum
  • Middle School Curriculum
  • High School Curriculum


In California and Texas, IGNITE partners with school sites to deliver our programming during and after the school day. Our state incubators are where we pilot and test new programming for our national audience. Find a high school program.

California  Texas


IGNITE is thrilled to partner with educators nationally to build political ambition in the classroom. Schools can choose to license our curriculum and bring IGNITE to their community. Participants in schools who have licensed the curriculum are asked to complete IGNITE's Enrollment Form.

Sliding Scale License Fee  

IGNITE has a sliding scale fee structure to accommodate institutions that serve students across the economic spectrum.

Schedule a call to speak with a Curriculum Professional  Learn More

The curriculum is licensed on an annual basis and can be renewed after 12 months of subscription.