June 2018 News from IGNITE

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A note from our Founder & President

IGNITE activated thousands of young women this year. They are marching in the streets and unapologetic about their political ambition! But what about those young women isolated in small towns across America, where there was no women's march, where declaring political ambition is not encouraged, or even frowned upon?

IGNITE wants EVERY young woman to know that she has the power to influence politics, that she has the power to become President of her class, President of her school, President of her town council, President of the United States.

That's why alongside our expansive programming, IGNITE is shifting popular culture around young women and political ambition. Today we're excited to announce a partnership with Miss America. This year's Miss America, Cara Mund, aims to become the first female Governor of North Dakota (and two recent winners are running for office as well). With a viewership of 5.6 million and a rebrand that encourages social impact, Miss America's promotion of IGNITE’s mission will normalize political ambition for young women across the United States.

Thank you for helping IGNITE change the world, one young woman at a time.


Anne Moses, Ph.D., Founder & President 

Win a ticket and airfare to Young Women Run!

What parts of IGNITE programming really lit your fire this year? Is there anything you think we should be doing to help accelerate your political career? IGNITE needs your feedback to improve our programs! Take five minutes to complete our very short annual survey for a chance to win a trip to Washington, D.C. for Young Women Run.

#YoungWomenRun Spotlight: Use the Power of Your Voice

Young Women Run is a 2-day training for politically ambitious college and young professional women. In our Monday plenary, leading female activists share strategies to harness the power of your voice to make social and political change. Get your ticket today!

IGNITE's Candidate of the Month: Malynda Rascoe

Alumna Malynda Rascoe is running for County Committee in Brooklyn (Assembly District 52; Election District 32):

"I've devoted my life to public service. I am actively doing the work necessary to educate, mobilize, and empower women to take a more aggressive and active approach to civic engagement and politics. I am a proud Black woman who wants to uplift women of color to thrive, flourish, and succeed. I hope to be a trailblazer for more women to run for office and lead."

ICYMI: #WriteTheRules with IGNITE

When your don’t vote and get civically engaged, you let others write the rules. IGNITE’s new campaign, #WriteTheRules, amplifies the gender imbalance in politics by acting out alarming quotes from those who have served in public office. WATCH:

Flex Your Political Power at the Polls: Volunteer with #VoteTwice

IGNITE, Rock the Vote and Cosmopolitan want YOU to join us to register tens of thousands of first time and millennial voters. Find volunteer opportunities near you! Don't see an event in your area or want to partner with us? Send a note!

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It’s not too late to contribute to our Young Women Run scholarship fund! Help IGNITE bring 100 young women to D.C. to meet congressional leaders and build the skills needed to launch their political careers.