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Kasandra Negrete serves as our Chicago Fellow. She earned a bachelor's degree in Economics with a minor in Psychological Methods at DePaul University. In the past, Kasandra has interned with the Obama Foundation as a Civic Engagement Intern, where she engaged with young people across the city. Currently, Kasandra works for the City of Chicago as an investment analyst and, as an active community member, is working to combat education inequality in the Chicago Public Schools. Kasandra is passionate about eliminating Chicago's wealth gap and promoting economic mobility and access for low-income communities. She is committed to empowering young people in politics, and wants to provide them with the tools to tackle local issues. For Chicago inquiries, contact

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Legislative Advocacy

HB 0922: Provides that a school district shall make feminine hygiene products available, at no cost to students, in each bathroom of every school building

Bill Summary: Feminine hygiene products are a health care necessity and not an item that can be foregone or substituted easily. Access to feminine hygiene products is a serious and ongoing need in this State. When students do not have access to affordable feminine hygiene products, they may miss multiple days of school every month. When students have access to quality feminine hygiene products, they are able to continue with their daily lives with minimal interruption.

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