Online Events and Training

IGNITE hosts webinars on a variety of topics ranging from how to start a college chapter to collaborating with our partners to host conversations and workshops. Register for one of our upcoming webinars or watch a previously recorded one. 

IGNITE College Series: Fall 2020 Through training, networking, and mentoring, IGNITE is building a vast talent pool of college women to be America’s next-gen leaders. Learn more.

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Power to the People A  seven-part training series to prepare you to apply for a Police Oversight Commission. All sessions are 90 minutes. Learn more.

  • Week 1: What is a Police Oversight Commission? | 9/15 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 2: Police Relations in your Community | 9/22 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 3: Find and understand your commission | 9/29 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 4: Understanding the Appointment Process | 10/6 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 5: Prepare to Serve - Resume workshop | 10/13 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 6: Preparing for your Interview | 10/20 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 
  • Week 7: Navigating your Role as a Commissioner | 10/27 3PM PT/5PM CT/6PM ET 

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Run Now: Accelerate Your Path to Political Leadership A 10-week cohort-based virtual training to expedite your path to political leadership. Learn more.

  • Week 1: Why Run Now?
  • Week 2: Target Your Seat
  • Week 3: Campaign 101: The Big Picture
  • Week 4: Fundraise without Fear
  • Week 5: Communicate Your Call to Service
  • Week 6: Talk to Voters 
  • Week 7: Talk to Voters Online
  • Week 8: Get Endorsed! 
  • Week 9: Manage Your Money
  • Week 10: Ready, Set, Go!

All cohorts will go through the above sessions. Dates and times are unique to each cohort. Click here for dates and times.

Past Events & Training 

IGNITE Summer Series: Propelling young women into power Join us for a series that spotlights how Gen Z women across America are seizing the moment to become the civic and political leaders this country so desperately needs. WATCH

Young Women Vote Virtual Summit  Young Women Vote will launch our IGNITE the Vote campaign to activate, mobilize and educate Gen Z voters leading up to the November general election. This half-day virtual conference will inspire and provide you the tools to step up and own your political power. 

Making Money Moves: A Three-Part Series on Financial Wellness with JP Morgan Chase Women on the Move 

Recording coming soon.

Launching a College Chapter during COVID-19 Just downloaded a college toolkit? Connect with student leaders nationally who are working to bring IGNITE to their campus community during COVID-19.

Recording coming soon.

Celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month: A Conversation with AAPI Women in Politics  May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and we are celebrating by hosting an incredible panel of AAPI Women in Politics. In our Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Panel, hear from women who are engaged in local and federal politics and have the opportunity to ask questions of your own. 

Life After IGNITE: Pursuing Your Dreams in Politics Hear from IGNITE alumni about how they are pursuing their dreams in politics.

Recording coming soon. 

Boss Ladies Series: Training the Next Generation of Campaign Leaders Campaign to win! IGNITE and New American Leaders joined forces to lead a week-long virtual training for the next generation of fierce campaign leaders. WATCH.

Voting in a pandemic: Solutions to ensure maximum Gen Z participation in 2020 - A Conversation with Anne Moses and Sydney Lee Gen Z is the youngest and fastest-growing portion of the electorate. If they vote at full potential, they will represent 13% of voters in 2020 and could potentially determine the outcome of that election. Even under normal circumstances, college students face significant barriers to vote. In the face of a pandemic, voting will be chaotic and even more confusing. Join Anne Moses, Ph.D., IGNITE's Founder & President, in conversation with Sydney Lee, IGNITE WI Fellow to learn about the anticipated implications of COVID-19 on the 2020 election and how we can make sure that everyone has the tools, resources, and support to cast their ballots.

Your Financial Journey Financial literacy is even more important as COVID-19 impacts the economy. Learn the foundational skills on how to build a future of financial well-being. Facilitated by IGNITE's Financial Empowerment Partner, JP Morgan Chase Women on the Move. 

Policy in Action: How to make a policy proposal Have you ever wondered how you can propose a policy? In this webinar, we focused on how to draft a policy proposal and pitch so you can start making changes in your community. 

When We All Vote Virtual #CouchParty From a safe distance, there are a number of ways we can make an impact together to ensure people are registered and ready to vote! IGNITE and When We All Vote is convened volunteers, partners, and friends to join us in taking action on voting. 

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in conversation with IGNITE Miami Fellow Gillian Daley: The Covid-19 pandemic has created a disproportionate burden on women who are both overrepresented in many frontline jobs and simultaneously bear the brunt of looking after family members and children. Hear from Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz about why she is passionate about women's rights and what she and others in Congress are doing to ease the impact on women during this global pandemic.

Link up on LinkedIn: Networking leads to great opportunities. Learn how to identify and build a personal network. You'll learn step by step how to create a strong LinkedIn profile during this session. It's time to expand your professional contacts! 

Advocacy in a Virtual World: During this webinar, you'll learn how to stay up to date with and contact policymakers as well as organize communities virtually.

Advocate with Stacey Abrams for Voting Accessibility: The 2020 election is on the horizon! The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how critical it will be to have voting systems that provide for everyone’s safety while ensuring maximal participation in our democracy. Hear from Stacey Abrams of Fair Fight to learn more about how the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act would ensure that all Americans, across all states, are able to vote by mail. 

Q&A with Delilah Agho-Otoghile, Campaign Operative: Learn from a seasoned campaign operative what it takes to manage and run major political campaigns. Delilah Agho-Otoghile shares tips and advice from her time with Stacey Abrams for Governor, Beto for America, Battleground Texas, and more to help you prepare for campaign work.

Creative Brainstorm - How to plan social media content for the era of social distancing: Your chapter members need you more than ever! How can you delight, engage, inform, and support them via social media in the days of social distancing? Watch our creative brainstorm session with IGNITE’s Communications Team. You’ll walk away with a calendar full of ideas!

Get Counted! Take the Census with IGNITE: Every decade the US counts its citizens and uses that information to draw political districts. If a particular population of people grows, they get more representation. Learn why it matters and how simple it is to take the census. 

Digital Advocacy: #IGNITEtheCapitol California: Learn to flex your political power through digital advocacy! Watch to get tips from Assemblymember Cristina Garcia and learn about current legislation that empowers and uplifts women.

Leading your Virtual College Chapter: This webinar is for IGNITE College Chapter leaders. Keeping your chapter members engaged during a virtual reality is new to us all. Watch to learn more about activities that you can create to keep your chapter members engaged.

How to work remotely: Virtual everything is the new normal. IGNITE shares effective strategies to work at home: from setting up your home office to keeping motivated. Don't just survive the new WFH reality - thrive!

Get ready for Census 2020: Get ready for Census 2020 with IGNITE and Community ConnectLabs! In this webinar, you will learn about the importance of the upcoming Census count, and we will share our expertise on how you or your college chapters can help ensure everyone is included in the upcoming Census count. 

Make a plan to GOTV in the 2020 Primary Election: Get ready to rock the vote on your campus with Rock the Vote and IGNITE! #IGNITEtheVote In this webinar, Melissa will share her expertise on how you or your college chapter can host a successful Voter Activation event and help us reach our goal of registering hundreds of thousands of voters in time for the 2020 election. Hosted by Melissa Wyatt, Rock the Vote Policy Associate.

Making Census 2020 Count: Census 2020 is coming! An undercount could cause your state to lose representatives in Congress, and billions of dollars for social services that are distributed based on the census. Learn more about what is at stake and how YOU can get involved. 

IGNITE Fellowship: 411 on the Role, Responsibilities, & how to Apply

Harness the power of digital fundraising and small-dollar donors (Part I | Part II): The 2018 elections made it clear that investing in small-dollar donors is more than a feel-good idea — it’s a winning strategy. This is especially true in state and local races that don’t cost as much as federal races and are not always in the spotlight. A few dollars can go a long way toward resources at the local level, and a passionate grassroots supporter base will spread the word about your campaign more enthusiastically than any reporter. Learn how to develop a strong digital fundraising strategy, a base of grassroots supporters, and harness the power of small-dollar donors! Hosted in partnership with ActBlue.

Courage to Run: Training for our Democracy: Democracy is the ultimate marathon. To be successful on the trail ahead, we develop a strong "inner game" just like elite athletes. In this fast-paced, highly interactive webinar, learn how Courage to Run is empowering women across America with the tactical and soft skills to be powerful political players. And, learn five quick, evidence-based strategies that fit within your day-to-day political life that focus mindset, build endurance, hone heartfelt vision, connect with fierce courage, and fuel your self-care.

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