IGNITE hosts webinars on a variety of topics ranging from how to start a college chapter to collaborating with our partners to host conversations and workshops. Register for one of our upcoming webinars or watch a previously recorded one. 

Making Census 2020 Count

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm CST / 5:00 pm MST / 4:00 pm PST

Census 2020 is coming! An undercount could cause your state to lose representatives in Congress, and billions of dollars for social services that are distributed based on the census. Learn more about what is at stake and how YOU can get involved. 


IGNITE Fellowship: 411 on the Role, Responsibilities, & how to Apply

Join us for an informational webinar led by IGNITE Fellows to learn more about the program. Learn more about the Fellows Program.

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm CST / 5:00 pm MST / 4:00 pm PST


Past Webinars 

IGNITE Fellowship: 411 on the Role, Responsibilities, & how to Apply

Watch the 4/7/2019 webinar with fellows Ximena and Shradha.

Harness the power of digital fundraising and small-dollar donors (Part I | Part II): The 2018 elections made it clear that investing in small-dollar donors is more than a feel-good idea — it’s a winning strategy. This is especially true in state and local races that don’t cost as much as federal races and are not always in the spotlight. A few dollars can go a long way toward resources at the local level, and a passionate grassroots supporter base will spread the word about your campaign more enthusiastically than any reporter. Learn how to develop a strong digital fundraising strategy, a base of grassroots supporters, and harness the power of small-dollar donors! Hosted in partnership with ActBlue. WATCH PART I | WATCH PART II

Courage to Run: Training for our Democracy: Democracy is the ultimate marathon. To be successful on the trail ahead, we develop a strong "inner game" just like elite athletes. In this fast-paced, highly interactive webinar, learn how Courage to Run is empowering women across America with the tactical and soft skills to be powerful political players. And, learn five quick, evidence-based strategies that fit within your day-to-day political life that focus mindset, build endurance, hone heartfelt vision, connect with fierce courage, and fuel your self-care. WATCH

Prioritizing Self-Care is Critical: Prioritizing self-care is important for everyone. For activists and political leaders, it's critical. Alumna Malynda Rascoe shares her wisdom to help you prioritize self-care. WATCH

Women and the 2018 Election: In our post-election webinar, we discussed how things went. How did women fare? Are we closer to gender parity? Hear from IGNITE’s Founder and President Dr. Anne Moses on what the future looks like for young women running for office and how YOU can keep up the momentum to get America closer to gender parity in elected office. Hosted by Anne Moses, IGNITE's Founder and President. WATCH

LinkedIn: Beyond the Basics: IGNITE Alumna Mia Muric shares her best practices for taking your LinkedIn profile to the next level on this webinar. Learn how to utilize all the professional networking platform has to offer. Hosted by Mia Muric, IGNITE Alumna. WATCH

Leveraging LinkedIn for Success: Join us for an informative workshop on how to boost your visibility on LinkedIn. We'll share tips on how to polish your profile and make your page a more accurate reflection of your credentials and experience. Hosted by Cecila Silva, IGNITE Alumni Ambassador, and Whitney Thomas, IGNITE Alumni Network Manager. WATCH

#IGNITEtheVote on Your College Campus: Get ready to #IGNITEtheVote on your campus with Rock the Vote and IGNITE! In this webinar Melissa will share her expertise on how you or your college chapter can host a successful Voter Activation event and help us reach our goal of registering hundreds of thousands of voters in time for Midterm. Hosted by Melissa Wyatt, Rock the Vote Policy Associate, and Monique Francisco, IGNITE Program and Evaluation Coordinator.

#VoteTwice Activation: IGNITE has teamed up with Cosmopolitan and Rock the Vote for #VoteTwice, a campaign that will get millions of young women to the polls during the 2018 primary and midterm elections.  Get all the resources you need to get registered - and register your friends and family. WATCH

IGNITE Fellowship Program 411 (2018): What's it take to be an IGNITE Fellow? What a day in the life of a Fellow look like? What is the application process like? If you are planning to apply to the IGNITE Fellowship this video is a much-watch. Get all your questions answered by current IGNITE Fellows. WATCH

Running to Win: Getting Elected to a Student Leadership Position: Running for office on your campus is a great way to begin your public service and develop leadership skills. In our webinar you will: fine-tune your ‘Why I’m Running’ message; learn strategic ways to connect with constituents and rally their support; utilize social media for the win; and get a clearer picture of what serving in elected office is like. WATCH

Make 2018 the year of the women! Volunteer on a Campaign: Volunteering on a campaign is the perfect way to become civically engaged, launch your path towards political leadership or prepare to land your dream job. Four seasoned campaign volunteers share their experiences and delve into why volunteering is important, how to get involved now and which skills learned volunteering are transferable to running your own campaign. WATCH

Making the Most Out of a Mentorship: Mentoring is key to success, particularly for politically ambitious women. Finding an influential mentor is hard in our competitive world, but IGNITE leverages our network of elected women and community leaders to propel Alumni into public service. In this webinar, learn how to identify a viable mentor and make the most out of this mutually beneficial relationship. WATCH