IGNITE at UC Davis Fall 2016: Education


Know Your Election 101 Workshop
October 18, 2016


Many students are unaware that there are local and state elections happening outside of the presidential election, let alone that there are 17 propositions to vote for in the state of California. Thus, our first workshop for the quarter was on the 2016 United States Elections. Facilitated by the Graphic Design Chair, Nangha Cuadros, community members learned about the elections outside of the presidential election. This election season entailed individuals running for seats in the Senate, House of Representatives and California Legislature. California voters also had to vote yes or no on various propositions on issues regarding the legality of the death penalty to condom usage in adult films. To help members remember the propositions, Nangha transformed the learning experience into a “Pictionary” game.

Small groups would try to depict a proposition, and based on the given list of propositions, the other members would guess which one it is. The Know Your Election 101 workshop hoped to inspire community members to register to vote and to become informed voters!

More information on the event:

This event was also held for the Pilipinx community with BRIDGE: Pilipinx Outreach & Retention.

Overcoming Girl on Girl Hate Workshop with the Center for Student Involvement
November 1, 2016


Is anyone tired of the drama constantly seen on social media by celebrities or our own peers? Society has normalized bringing others down to gain popularity or to avoid confronting other people. The goals of this workshop are to reflect on this behavior and to take action to deter conflict. Jaime Allen, the Student Activities Coordinator for the Center for Student Involvement, pointed out that the causes of these actions include jealousy, insecurity, fitting in, and competition. The workshop demonstrated that these actions negatively impact one moving forward by discrediting the character of the individual, normalizing one’s harmful treatment towards others, and being unable to form healthy relationships with others. Jaime showed us examples of powerful and supportive female friendships, and the positive effects of empowering one another. Discussions on how we can spread the love/support instead of amplifying the hate lead us to a reflection activity. Each member determined what they would stop doing and what they would start doing to build healthy relationships. This workshop hoped to provide community members an action plan to be supportive of one another and to stop conflict.


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  • Yun-Wei (Wei-Wei) Chen
    These are great workshops! I love the description of activities and how they connected to consolidating the lessons.