Post Election Mobilization for Next Gen Political Leadership

Following the election, IGNITE has heard from hundreds of young women arounds of country who are standing in their political power. At the same time, adult women are contacting us to ask how they can become a part of the IGNITE community and mobilize with young women. 

In response, on November 28, 2016 we hosted a call to action webinar focused on how we can come together  as a community to support and empower the next generation of women as they declare their political ambition. We heard from IGNITE’s Minnesota fellow Kayla Farhang and Georgia House Representative Brenda Lopez who discussed the importance of activating young women. Kayla shared her organizing experience with getting the $15 statewide minimum wage, launching IGNITE college programming and meeting Ilhan Omar, the first Somalian legislator. Representative Lopez discussed her recent election and win in GA and touched on the importance of showing up to local events to learn about how to get involved locally.  

Our Founder and President, Anne Moses shared six concrete strategies for channeling our  energy and supporting the young women in our own communities:

1. Take the pledge to Declare Your Ambition to run for office or encourage a young woman to run.

2. Host a Living Room Conversation, an intimate facilitated conversation to bridge differences among friends and family. We are proud to partner with Living RoomConversations to share this tool.

3. Start an IGNITE College Chapter on your campus. Click here to download the IGNITE college toolkit.

4. Talk to your daughter about women and political leadership. Click here to download the Parent/Daughter Toolkit.

5. Join a group of people who are partnering with IGNITE to host Local Community Forums. Sign up today

6. Invest in the next generation of female political leaders. Donate to IGNITE today.

Watch the webinar here.

IGNITE is committed to building a movement of young women who are ready and eager to run for office. Together as a community let’s show these young women we have their backs as they step into political leadership.