How to be an advocate during COVID-19

Being an advocate is important now more than ever. But how do you become, or remain, an advocate during the time of COVID-19? With a lot of crucial events moving online, more and more advocacy-related efforts are going digital to follow suit.

Digital advocacy is not entirely new, but now that there are more virtual efforts, there’s more noise to cut through. Here are six tips on how to be a powerful change agent during COVID-19. 

1. Pinpoint what it is that you care about in your community. Choose an area or issue that you’re passionate about. 

2. Stay informed. Educate yourself on the areas you’re interested in by watching the news, doing online research and staying up to date. If you prefer listening to podcasts, here are some options

3. Inform others. Share what you’ve learned. For example, if you’re interested in voter accessibility, you can help others request absentee ballots or share online petitions against voter suppression. 

4. Take action. Contact your local officials and policymakers by calling or emailing them directly to support bills you care about. Use social media as a tool for advocacy. You can also use online toolkits for community building like this one

5. Find a group of like-minded people. Doing advocacy with other people is better than doing it alone. Joining virtual IGNITE the Capitol events for your state is a great way to take part in digital advocacy with a community of like-minded people. 

6. Remember that movements are built one person at a time. Even if you’re just reaching one person, you’re still advocating.

Being an advocate during this time might look a little different, but your efforts are just as key to making a change in your community. Want to learn more about advocating in a virtual world? Check out our webinar here.