High School Series, Fall 2020

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We are excited to offer two chances to join our virtual high school programming. Pick a day to join, either Wednesday or Thursday's and register below. If you ever need to switch dates, don't worry! Just let your school liaison know and they'll provide you with the details. We look forward to seeing you!  

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Week 1 Introduction to IGNITE & Government 101

This introductory lesson will share the work of IGNITE, where we believe there is political power in every young woman! The organization offers a variety of programming to empower young political voices, including high school and college clubs, fellowships, conferences and civic engagement tools! This lesson aims to build a sense of community within the group, highlight the importance of equal representation and provide some action items for our young, powerful and emerging leaders!

Week 2 Local Government 101

Local governments make impactful and wide-reaching decisions, yet many young leaders face challenges understanding the structure of government and finding opportunities to ensure their voices are heard. During this lesson, students will learn about the structure and roles of local government, as well as how to get involved as a positive way to connect to their communities and make change. Let’s mobilize and empower our students to become the next generation of local government leaders!

Week 3 Your Ballot, but Make it Local

Let’s learn all about local civic engagement! Now that students understand the structure and role of local government, this lesson provides them the effective tools to get involved in their communities by researching their respective candidates and analyzing their policy platforms! 

Week 4 IGNITE Your Political Power, Part I

Are you ready to IGNITE your political power? This lesson provides an inclusive approach to civic education and engagement — teaching students about the history and importance of voting. Students also learn about powerful Black, Latinx and Indigenous voting rights activists.

Week 5 IGNITE Your Political Power, Part II

Approaches to civic education and engagement that value diversity and inclusion are crucial. In this lesson, students will practice teamwork and public speaking while learning accessible ways to advocate for issues they are passionate about. Students will also participate in an empowering group discussion to share their experiences and opinions on getting involved in politics.

Week 6 Special Guest: Hear from a local candidate or elected

At IGNITE, we understand the importance of elected leaders providing opportunities for the next generation of political leaders to get involved. This lesson will be a candid dialogue with a local elected leader on their path to elected office and the important work they do for their community!

Week 7 Your Community, Your Voice, Part I

A key aspect of civic engagement is understanding personal values and goals. This lesson consists of a group activity for students to envision what their ideal community looks like.

Week 8 Your Community, Your Voice, Part II

By providing students an opportunity to practice their creativity and optimism, this lesson is important in drawing connections between what students’ ideal communities look like and how they can advocate for the change they want to see. Students will present their projects and participate in an open, respectful dialogue to build their teamwork and public speaking skills.

Week 9 Post Election Debrief

IGNITE The Vote is mobilizing passionate young leaders across the country to ensure their voices are heard in the 2020 election. This lesson will consist of a respectful, productive class discussion on the results of the election, and how these results may change students’ priorities as they continue to advocate for change. Students will also practice positive, uplifting affirmations that highlight the importance and value of their political voice and leadership.

Week 10 Post Election Part II: Identifying the Issues in Your Community & Leveraging Political Connection

The election is over, now what? Learn about IGNITE’s policy priorities for the year and how you can flex your political power and advocate for issues in your community with your newly elected officials.

Week 11 Coalition Building: Who Can I Call & Find Allies

How can you hold your newly elected officials accountable? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify ways to advocate for the issues that matter the most to you as well as identifying allies to advance your political agenda.

Week 12 Semester 1 Celebrations

As the semester comes to a close, let’s celebrate all we have learned and achieved! You'll partake in a brief art project that encourages you to creatively express personal values and growth. Are you ready to flex your political power and become our new generation of leaders?

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