Five young women to watch for

IGNITE will remember 2017 as the year when an unprecedented number of young women embraced their political power. In the years since IGNITE first began, we have never seen such widespread and profound declaration of political ambition.
We want to introduce you to five IGNITE women who have been our inspiration this year.


      • High school student Jackie wants to run for the U.S. Senate
      • Louie worked for Congress, which prompted her to write about the lack of diversity in positions of power and solidified her desire to run
      • Genesis is helping to build IGNITE's alumni network that supports female leaders over the long haul
      • Our Fellow Elizabeth is organizing hundreds of young women to lead in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region 
      • Monica, a first-time candidate, recently won her race for School Board in Pennsylvania 


Keep reading their inspiring stories below.

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unnamed.jpgJackie Arroyo, KIPP Generations Collegiate

"IGNITE has shaped who I am as a woman and a leader, so that in the future, I can lead women to surpass any barrier and achieve their goals." - Jackie Arroyo, Senior at KIPP Generations Collegiate High School

Thanks to her time in IGNITE, Jackie wants to become a US Senator, so that she can advocate for women's rights. Jackie received the prestigious Posse Scholarship, which will cover her tuition at Bryn Mawr College next year. She also traveled to Israel as a Mickey Leland Kibbutzim Intern and received 1st place in the National Hispanic Institute debate tournament, where she now coaches younger students.

unnamed-1.jpgLouie Tan Vital, University of Washington

“If I don't fight my way into politics as a young woman, who else is going to do it? We need a political pipeline to get young folks of color into these inaccessible places of power. I am the only Filipino I know in the United States House of Representatives, but I'm looking forward to the day where I won't be.” - Louie Tan Vital, MPA candidate at the University of Washington

Louie, a member of the college chapter at the University of Washington, is already scoping out what seat she should run for. Before graduate school, Louie worked for Congressman Adam Smith and in the Washington State House of Representatives as a nonpartisan Committee Legislative Assistant. When Louie's Facebook post about her experience as a young Asian Pacific Islander woman in Congress went viral, she found herself featured in news around the world.

unnamed-2.jpgGenesis Lopez, IGNITE alumna

“I became involved with IGNITE because it offers a place for women to be involved in the male-dominated field of politics. Women are powerful, hardworking, viable candidates for office!” - Genesis Lopez, IGNITE Alumna & Graduate of Brookhaven College

During her first year with IGNITE, Genesis became a deputized Voter Registrar and led campus efforts to register over 1,000 voters. In 2015, Genesis worked on her first campaign with Edwin Flores, which lead to her involvement on seven more campaigns. In our Alumni Network, Genesis taps into mentors who help further her academic and professional goals.

unnamed-3.jpgElizabeth Zalanga, IGNITE Fellow

“As an IGNITE Fellow, I'm committed to fostering the leadership and confidence of young women who are passionate about policy-making and running for elected positions.” - Elizabeth Zalanga, IGNITE Minneapolis Fellow at Saint Paul College

Elizabeth currently holds two elected positions: Diversity Officer for the Saint Paul College Student Senate and Governing Council Representative for the Minneapolis Metro North Region. Her passion for service calls her to sit on the Board of Directors of several nonprofits addressing disparities faced by young people of color. As an IGNITE fellow, Elizabeth organizes and trains hundreds of young women on college campuses across the region to step into political power.

unnamed-4.jpgMonica Taylor, conference participant

“I’m new to politics. I’ve never been in the political realm. I attended Young Women Run to learn how to campaign. I gained great resources from networking with other young women and electeds. All these takeaways helped me to win my campaign.” - Monica Taylor, Upper Darby School Board Director

This November, Monica won her race for the Upper Darby School Board, a run sparked by her desire to make an impact locally. Monica has a four-year-old, and she wants to make her school district a place where all children have equal opportunities to succeed.



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