Fellow Spotlight: Saha Salahi

Growing up in Nevada as the child of Afghani-immigrant parents, Saha Salahi always felt as though she was trying to find her sense of self, but didn’t think she’d find herself in politics. “I never thought I would be interested in politics, mostly because I’ve never seen someone like myself in the political realm.” shares Saha. 

Within her first year of college, Saha knew she wanted to be more involved in the community. As she was actively searching for opportunities to get involved in, she stumbled across the IGNITE Fellowship. “IGNITE came into my life when I needed them most, because this organization embodies the fact that women do have power and that we belong in these spaces,” Saha shares. 

Saha became the Las Vegas Fellow in January of this year, a year that would quickly turn everything upside down. She established a college chapter and hosted a college council on legislative advocacy shortly before COVID-19 moved everything online. The college council was one of her favorite memories as an IGNITE Fellow. 

“Seeing that space fill up with young women after planting the seed is something that I feel immensely proud of. It was my starting point and one of the most memorable moments so far.” 

While she suddenly found herself as an IGNITE Fellow navigating the virtual world, Saha was able to host a regional college council online on virtual civic engagement with fellow IGNITE sister, Fiona Murray

Saha, who happens to be one of the youngest Fellows, says she would describe the Fellowship as an opportunity for growth both personally and professionally. “I was afraid I was too young to be a leader, but it’s not about my age, it’s about what I can do.” 

For those who want to apply to the IGNITE Fellowship, Saha feels that building diversity in the political realm starts when you click the apply button. “Politics is something that is part of our everyday lives, so take this opportunity to be involved in it. Take that leap of faith and show younger generations that we do belong here.” 

To learn more about the IGNITE Fellowship, go here.