Election Reflection: IGNITE women are the MVPs

What we know thus far is that young people voted at rates we have never seen - from 14% of the electorate in Michigan to a whopping 21% of the electorate in Georgia.*

More exciting for us is that 98% of IGNITE women voted! And a third of these young women were first-time voters.

Equally exciting is that almost 60% of IGNITE women volunteered an average of 40 hours this election season. 

Turning out the vote is a national effort, and IGNITE is thrilled to be a leader in mobilizing young women.

Our #IGNITEtheVote campaign reached 6.5 million young peopleand over 50,000 Americans sought out voting resources from IGNITE. 

Decades of research shows that young women vote at 6 points higher than their male peers; we are certain when the 2020 election is fully counted this record will be shattered as well. 

Thank you for being a part of the IGNITE community. Together we are propelling young women to power - where they belong.