What a powerful evening! Elected women from across the country shared their personal leadership experiences, in an effort to engage and inspire the next generation of women to step up and own their fair share of political power.

The issue of women and political leadership has never been so heightened. Regardless of which candidates you are supporting this year, it is clear that we need to encourage the next generation of women to raise their voices, participate in the process, and ultimately step into political leadership.


IGNITE is poised to make that happen, and we need your help! As a follow up to the event please join us in the following:


1. Take the #DeclareYourAmbition pledge: “I intend to run for office or encourage another young woman to run.” Share the pledge to the women and young women in your life. 

2. Follow IGNITE on social media and share the “We all Belong Here” video with your friends and family.
3. Continuing the conversation with young women in your life. Use our Parent Daughter toolkit to engage young women in the political process.

And finally, please consider donating to support our efforts to build a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders.Thank you! Together we can reach political parity in this lifetime.