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The transition from high school to college is precisely when women’s political ambition freezes. IGNITE’s college programming addresses the barriers that impede political ambition. We offer young women a like minded and passionate community. IGNITE instills a sense of confidence in participants by building their leadership skills and deepening their expertise around policy issues. We offer a powerful network of elected women who serve as role models and help participants access opportunities to exercise political leadership and prepare to run and lead.


College women organize chapters on their campuses to build political and civic engagement among students who share ambitions and interests. Chapters organize activities like voter registration drives, policy workshops, and meetings with elected women and candidates. Members have the opportunity to target their organizing efforts to the specific needs of their campus.  To support chapters, IGNITE provides regular virtual and in person trainings.

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Regional College Councils

College women meet quarterly to discuss relevant policy issues, learn from dynamic elected officials, develop political leadership skills, and build a network to support their ambitions. Visit the event's section of our Facebook page for a list of upcoming councils.  

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Women & Politics Course

The IGNITE Women & Politics course teaches college women to realize political ambition and embrace their political power. The curriculum introduces women to the notion of a career in politics and moves them into leadership by following a three-pronged approach: students examine the gender-specific barriers to political leadership; they look at the difference women make in policy and politics; and they meet elected women leaders, candidates, and political consultants who both inspire them to run and provide networks to advance their careers. This semester-long class can be embedded in public policy, women and gender studies, political science, and government departments.

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