Black Live Matter

It pains us to write yet another response to another act of violence against our Black community.

Jacob Blake is a father, son, and a member of his community, and he was shot 7 times in the back, in front of his 3 children. This police brutality cannot be tolerated any more. It is unconscionable and should shake the very core of our values as people and as a nation. 

We have to admit it: whatever we have been doing thus far to combat racism in this country has unequivocally failed. It needs to be said, again and again: Black Lives Matter. We need new perspectives to inform new solutions at every level. We need new political leaders in every community across America.
In moments like this IGNITE redoubles our efforts to move young women, and especially young women of color, into political leadership as fast as humanly possible. We know of no other way to dismantle the systemic racism that is crippling America and literally killing Black and Brown people. 
To the young women across America: you are the leaders we need. We beg you to own your political power and run now.