Alumni Mentorship


Providing opportunities for alumni to mentor current IGNITE participants is a key programmatic goal of the Alumni Network. By leveraging the unique talent and expertise of our alumni, we can help guide current participants’ path to political leadership. Mentoring a current participant is a rewarding endeavor for alumni and can also satisfy their desire to give back to the next generation of leaders.

High School Participants

IGNITE delivers programming in high schools across the country; connecting with a mentor is an additional opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills through the program. IGNITE staff can facilitate connections to high school mentees, or the mentor can visit a school site and make connections with potential mentees.

College Participants

College chapter leaders are always seeking advice and guidance on best practices and resources for their chapter. Former chapter leaders are uniquely suited for providing support and coaching on building a successful chapter. IGNITE staff can facilitate connections to college participants, or the mentee can attend a chapter meeting to connect with potential mentees. Mentors are encouraged, but not required, to mentor leaders at their alma mater.


Mentors are responsible for establishing clear expectations with their mentee, which includes making a realistic prediction of how much time they will spend together. Mentors must commit to at least one semester with their mentee: fall, spring or an entire academic year.

Ideas for engagement include:

  • Speaking during an IGNITE meeting at the mentee’s school
  • Meeting for coffee
  • Hosting a mentee in office for a shadow day
  • Having the mentee accompany you to a community event
  • Attending an event where the mentee is presenting or speaking
  • Reviewing the mentee’s resume or coaching them on interview skills
  • Attending IGNITE events together


How to become a mentor

Active college or post-grad alumni are eligible to sign up to mentor a current participant. Before applying, mentors should understand the mentorship guidelines and approach the process with serious commitment. Mentors serve as steadfast, accountable supporters in our participants’ lives, and we want them to feel valued and prioritized. Any questions about the mentorship program should be sent to Whitney Thomas,

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