A Call for Tampon Education: Support Georgia HB 54

As the 2021- 2022 Georgia legislative session begins, there still lacks a comprehensive reproductive education within our state’s public school system. Local advocates and state lawmakers such as Representative Debra Bazemore are prioritizing young menstruators’ health by calling for tampon education.

Ensuring that young menstruators are familiar with “best practices” associated with menstrual products such as tampons and the risks involved with their usage is essential to their future health. Toxic Shock Syndrome is an issue that can arise from tampon misuse, a serious bacterial infection that can be life-threatening. 

The lack of tampon education is not only a health issue but also an equity issue. Menstrual products and information about menstrual products are essential for menstruators to safely and effectively participate in public life. 

Atlanta Native Representative Debra Bazemore has sponsored House Bill 54 to mandate tampon education in Georgia’s curriculum.  This bill will include the following: 

1. Educate students about “best practices for and risks associated with the use of tampons.” A risk associated with tampons is toxic shock syndrome. 

2. Motivate school nurses “providing a tampon for use by any female patient under his or her care” to share “information to such female patient regarding the best practices for and risks associated with the use of tampons.”

IGNITE is in full support of House Bill 54. We believe sex education is a right, and we fully advocate for efforts in support of this health and equity issue. Join us on February 9th for IGNITE the Capitol Georgia, where we will advocate in favor of HB 54.

Take action! Support HB 54 today

About Loren: Loren Walter is serving her second year as our Atlanta fellow. She is a senior at Agnes Scott College, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Loren joined IGNITE in 2018 as a college chapter member. She is deeply passionate about engaging young people, specifically in marginalized communities, in the civic and political process. At Agnes, Loren also serves as a Senator in the student government where she has co-founded the Civic Scotties Coalition which assists with the development of the university’s Civic Engagement Plan. Loren will run for office to further public education and voting policies. For Atlanta inquiries, contact loren@ignitenational.org.