4 ways to take action for 4th of July

Everyone has political power, and it’s time to flex it! This 4th of July, own your political power by taking action to make a difference in your community. Here are some ways you can get involved and shape the future for yourself and others.  

Be an Advocate 

Use the platform you have to amplify your own voice and the voices of those whose issues you’re interested in. Once you learn more about what you’re passionate about, you can make a plan to spark change! Planning events and joining organizations that are already doing the work gives you a great space to express yourself. 

Get local 

No one understands the issues your community faces better than you! Want to see your experiences represented or help improve the city you live in? Go directly to the source to make sure your voice is heard! There are so many ways to get involved in local politics, find a way to get involved that feels right for you. 

  • Run for office - By running for office, you can directly champion policies for your community 
  • Work on a campaign - you can work on a campaign remotely by doing phone banking and texting to reach potential voters  
  • Call your legislators - Your local elected officials are here to listen to you. If there’s an issue in your community, call your legislator and talk to them about it 
  • Pitch a new policy - By proposing new legislation, you’re addressing a current need in your community 


One way to have your voice heard is to get out the vote! By voting, you’re directly ensuring that your opinion is represented in the next election. Voting is not just for Presidential elections, it can be just as important for local elections! Local elected officials play a huge role in making decisions that affect your life everyday. For example, they can dictate how your city’s budget is allocated, so choosing who should serve on committees has a direct impact on you. 

  • Register to vote - registering to vote is easy and takes less than two minutes 
  • Vote in your primary - many states have moved their primary elections, so you still have a chance to choose local, state, and Congressional candidates 
  • Become an #IGNITEtheVote ambassador  - register and mobilize millions of Gen Z voters across America (and earn prizes along the way) 
  • Make a voting plan - voting can seem difficult, but we have the tools to help make it easy 

Get educated and educate others

As important as it is to educate others on a topic, make sure you have your facts straight first!   Knowledge these days is only a Google search away. Talk with your friends to get different perspectives on a topic and develop an opinion once you’ve seen all the sides. Once you know your opinion and the facts, feel free to bring this knowledge to your friends, family, and followers! By engaging others, we can ensure everyone is knowledgeable about important topics. 

  • Join a book club - a great way to learn is by joining book clubs that focus on topics related to things you care about (like social justice and advocacy) 
  • Use art to educate others - sharing your art is a creative way to teach people about what’s happening in the world 
  • Watch a documentary - there are documentaries that cover every topic, including advocacy and politics. Choose a few on an issue you don’t know much about 
  • Attend a virtual town hall meeting or city council meeting - cities around America, like Los Angeles, are streaming city council meetings online, which is a great way to learn about current issues in your city