Witness the 2016 conventions through the eyes of two politically ambitious young women.

Two accomplished, civic-minded and politically ambitious young women from different sides of the aisle have come together as IGNITE Ambassadors over a shared goal - inspiring more young women to pursue elected office. On behalf of IGNITE National these young women will be attending the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the coming weeks.

Monday marks the start of two full weeks of political fan fare, as thousands of delegates, business leaders, civic organizers, celebrities, and politicos embark upon their party’s National conventions. Even more exciting, one of the two major political parties is about to make an historic nomination of the first woman candidate for President. But given the fact that women make up only 22% of elected leadership, we can venture to guess that there will be far fewer women than men on the convention floor and at the surrounding events (and even fewer young women). When women’s voices and unique perspectives are absent from key political events such as the conventions, not only do women’s issues get neglected, the entire community stands to lose.  

IGNITE believes that young women, as our next generation of leaders, have a valuable perspective and a lot to offer in the current political debate. That’s why IGNITE has selected a politically ambitious young women to serve as IGNITE Ambassadors at the conventions.

Together, these two women, from very different backgrounds, will tell a story about the future face of civic and political leadership. In addition to reporting in real time about their own experiences, they will take this opportunity to conduct mini #IGNITEinquires interviews with elected officials and convention participants around what we can do to inspire young women to become more involved in politics and run for office.

Meet our Ambassadors:

Logan Nevonen is traveling to Cleveland to represent Texas (CD-6) as an Alternate Delegate at the Republican National Convention (RNC). She recently graduated with a B.A from Saint Mary’s College in Political Science and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame. She was involved in the Center for Women and Politics’ New Leadership Program and the College Republican National Committee.She currently serves as the North Texas Regional Director for Red State Women, Communications Director for a local Texas Young Republicans Chapter and Project Assistant at Maggie’s List. Professionally, Logan is immersing herself in the art of political campaigns via her work as a Communications Coordinator for Murphy Nasica and Associates, Texas' top ranked political consulting firm.

“My goal is to help the Republican Party grow and communicate its message effectively, especially among women and millennials-- the future of our Party depends on this.  Everyday I am inspired by successful Republican women, and felt compelled to take on a leadership role myself to be a part of the actual political process. I look forward to this incredible opportunity to represent Texas at the RNC.”

Follow Logan on Twitter at:  @logan_nevonen

Naeemah Charles is traveling to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Naeemah was instrumental in launching the IGNITE chapter at San Francisco State University. She serves as VP of College Democrats of America. She recently graduated from San Francisco State, where she studied Politics and Women Studies. Naeemah is currently working as an Account Specialist at Organizer Inc and will be a Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellow in the fall.

"I am dedicated to a career in politics because I want to help uplift people who have felt as if their voice does not matter. Through communication and community engagement I know we have the potential to improve the lives of everyone around us."

Follow Naeemah on Twitter at @NaeemahCharles

Logan and Naeemah represent the next generation of women leaders and will play pivotal roles in closing the gender gap. Like IGNITE, these young women refuse to wait until 2121 to see parity in elected office. In their role as IGNITE Ambassadors, Logan and Naeemah have taken our pledge, #DeclareYourAmbition, to run for elected office and support other women to run.  Join them and take the pledge today.

So what will the convention experience be like for these and other young woman?  

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