January 23, 2017. Refinery29 Interviews Anne Moses and Monica Sibri of IGNITE. Refinery29

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Recent Press Releases


March 1, 2017. IGNITE to host 6th Annual Bay Area Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference. 

February 7, 2017. Event to Galvanize the next generation of women into political leadership.

February 6, 2017. IGNITE Hosts Leadership Conference to Build Political Ambition in Young Women Eager to Effect Change.

December 15, 2016. IGNITE to Host Post-Election Mobilization Event to Galvanize the Next Generation of Women into Political Leadership.

October 15, 2016. IGNITE National Spokesperson Vannessa Vasquez Will Address Students at KIPP Houston High School.

October 11, 2016. 9 Cities, 1 Night-Supporting the Next Generation of Women Leaders.

September 30, 2016. Vannessa Vasquez Joins IGNITE as a National Celebrity Spokesperson.

IGNITE in the News


April 23, 2017. Writing Our Rights, it's a powerful writing workbook that use the words of iconic women to teach girls about leadership. Sunscious

April 10, 2017. Nonprofit helps young women run for office. WFAA8

April 6, 2017. Art, politics mingle at IGNITE fundraiser. Dallas Morning News

March 31, 2017. Donald Trump’s antics stoke new opposition. News Day

March 30, 2017. After 2016 Election, Girls Ready to Break Politics’ Glass Ceiling. Women's eNews

March 8, 2017. Women Only Hold 20% of Seats in Congress. Let’s Make it 50% by 2050! 50 BY 2050 POLITICS

February 14, 2017. UNT’s IGNITE chapter promising to young women in politics. North Texas Daily

February 3, 2017. Students talk Trump Era Reproductive Rights. The Student Life

January 23, 2017. Refinery29 Interviews Anne Moses and Monica Sibri of IGNITE. Refinery29 

January 19, 2017. Women marching against Trump plan next step: public office. Reuters

January 17, 2017. Igniting political power in young women. Politifrog 

January 17, 2017. The Founder of VoteRunLead Explains Why Young Women Can’t Remain Silent. Teen Vogue

January 12, 2017. Political Notes: Group aims for more young women in politics. Bay Area Reporter

December 3, 2016. We Were Empowered to Change the Circumstances. Her Campus

November 9, 2016. Republican, Democratic women grapple with what President Trump means for progress. Dallas News

November 6, 2016. Talking Gender and the Presidency at Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. Youth Journalism International

November 1, 2016. Oakland IGNITE Program Aims to Get Young Women to Run for Office ABC. ABC 7 News

October 25, 2016. Why More Women In Politics Could Finally Bring About More Change. Redbook

October 10, 2016. Here’s How We Can Get More Young Latinas into Public Office. Remezcla

September 30, 2016. Ad Shows the Percentage of Women in Elected Offices…and It’ll Shock You. Fit Fab Fun

September 29, 2016. "Tell Me I Can't, And I Will": Inspiring Ad Encourages Girls to Get Into Politics. MAKERS

September 29, 2016. This powerful ad encouraging young women to run for office has us all inspired. Hello Giggles

September 28, 2016. Powerful Ad Shows What Girls Hear When You Tell Them To Be Quiet. Huffington Post

September 28, 2016. IGNITE: We all Belong Here. Best Ads on TV

September 22, 2016. How to talk to Kids About This Election. Rutgers

September 22, 2016. This PSA is asking parents and teachers to encourage young women to run for office. The Drum

September 21, 2016. Pereira & O'Dell Teams with IGNITE to launch video campaign with a message for young girls: you belong in elected office. Little Black Book

September 20, 2016. An Inspiring PSA Encourages Young Girls to Believe They Can Run for Office. Creativity


September, 2016. Meet IGNITE: The Organization Working to get Millennial Women to Take Over Politics. Rise News

July 28, 2016. We Still Need 140,000 Women in Office for Political Gender Equality. Broadly

July 26, 2016. 21-Year-Old Superdelegate Shares Why Millennial Women Must Vote This November. Her Agenda

July 12, 2016. IGNITING Girls Into Politics: With Sara Guillermo. Enthusiasm Enthusiast

June 10, 2016. Hillary Clinton may be the first, but this group wants to make sure she’s not the last. The Dallas Morning News 

June 9, 2016. With This Weekend's Girls Rock! Event, IGNITE Hopes To Empower The Hillary Clintons of Tomorrow. Central Track

February 19, 2016. Group strives to inspire more girls and young women to engage in politics. The Dallas Morning News

February 12, 2016. Dallas Business Journal

February 16, 2016. So we have one female Presidential Candidate- How do we get other women to run. MTV News

February 8, 2016. CBS Dallas, Plugged in to DFW

February, 2016. IGNITE Texas PSA. Univision

March 3, 2015. Comcast Newsmakers 

February 21, 2015. Fort Worth conference seeks to empower girls and women. The Dallas Morning News 

February 22, 2015. Girls IGNITE! Texas Conference Inspire Students How To Be Future Leaders. The CW33

February 19, 2015. Think Young Women in Politics. Kera

March 12, 2013. Oakland: IGNITE inspires girls to think and grow politically. East Bay Times

November 12, 2012. Opinion: Anne Moses: Girls are key to solving the gender gap in electoral politics. The Mercury News