IGNITE trains young women from high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. Our participants are passionate about bettering their communities, but may not always understand the role of political leadership in that process. IGNITE teaches young women how to think critically about policy and understand where the levers of power to make change actually reside. Via our high school curriculum, college chapters, annual conferences, and elected women network, IGNITE teaches young women to become civically engaged and ultimately step into public service.

We are running existing programs and incubating new training models in our founding states—California, Texas and Colorado.

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Statement of non-partisanship

IGNITE is a non-partisan 501c3 that operates in the political realm. The following is a statement of IGNITE's guiding values and principles:

IGNITE encourages young women to actively engage in the political process and assert and demonstrate their beliefs in the public arena.

IGNITE encourages young women to advocate and lobby for issues they care about.

IGNITE believes young women should actively listen to the perspectives of people they agree with and those they disagree with, in order to clarify their own beliefs.

IGNITE values civil discourse as a means to understand others' viewpoints, clarify personal positions, and advocate for issues they care about.

IGNITE believes our democracy will be stronger when the United States reaches political parity with equal numbers of women in office across all political parties.

All activities undertaken by and for IGNITE will be in alignment with these guiding values and principles, in the spirit of promoting engagement in the political process. Therefore, IGNITE does not take positions on individual issues, rather IGNITE welcomes and supports all young women to determine which issues are important to them and where they sit on the political spectrum.