IGNITE told me I can

I remember the first IGNITE at UC Davis meeting I ever attended. Rachel Michelin, the Executive Director and CEO of California Women Lead, was the guest speaker in a crowded room of young women in Wellman Hall. This was the first time of many to follow that I heard the phrase “Men decide to run for elected office, but women wait to be asked.” I snapped my fingers, echoed by others in the crowd, and for one of the first times at UC Davis, I didn’t feel alone.

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IGNITE at UC Davis Fall 2016: Education


Know Your Election 101 Workshop
October 18, 2016


Many students are unaware that there are local and state elections happening outside of the presidential election, let alone that there are 17 propositions to vote for in the state of California. Thus, our first workshop for the quarter was on the 2016 United States Elections. Facilitated by the Graphic Design Chair, Nangha Cuadros, community members learned about the elections outside of the presidential election. This election season entailed individuals running for seats in the Senate, House of Representatives and California Legislature. California voters also had to vote yes or no on various propositions on issues regarding the legality of the death penalty to condom usage in adult films. To help members remember the propositions, Nangha transformed the learning experience into a “Pictionary” game.

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