IGNITE High School Political Leadership Program

The IGNITE High School Political Leadership Program builds political and civic leadership skills in female high school students. This well-evaluated 50-hour curriculum includes lessons on government structure, civic engagement, policy analysis, political leadership, running a campaign, and women’s history. Girls meet with elected women and candidates who become role models for success. Throughout this premiere program of rigorous self and community exploration, girls ultimately define their call to service and learn how to become the next generation of civic and political leaders.

By licensing the IGNITE High School Program you will receive:

  • Complete access to 50+ hours of detailed lesson plans and supplemental materials
  • One 90-minute mandatory online training for up to 2 staff members at your school or organization
  • One school specific login account to access the curriculum
  • Two hours of virtual Technical Assistance provided via national office hours throughout the academic year
  • Special access for you and your students to join IGNITE webinars and convenings throughout the year


Ready to license? Here are your next steps:

  1. Complete the licensure agreement (this should be a link, maybe use free 123 Contact Forms Account, Sara to get Pamela the forms to see if 7 questions or less)
  2. Pay the license fee (Click on the appropriate link to pay below)
  3. Once we receive the licensing fee you will receive an email to sign up for a mandatory training session on program delivery 


IGNITE has a sliding scale fee structure to accommodate institutions that serve students across the economic spectrum.


Schools > 75%

Schools where 75% or more of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. 


Schools < 75%

Schools where less than 75% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. 



Non-profit organizations


Private Schools

Private schools and corporations



The curriculum is licensed on an annual basis and can be renewed after 12 months of subscription.

Check out an outline summary of what this year’s curriculum includes: link to curriculum summary 

Program Evaluation:

Each licensee will provide feedback about their experience with IGNITE and program delivery through the following methods:

  1. Student Program Evaluation
  2. Licensee Program Evaluation