Alumni Network

The mission of IGNITE's National Alumni Network is to fuel alumni's political ambition and accelerate their path to elected office.

Since 2009, IGNITE has trained 8,500 young women to step into their political power. As we grow as an organization, we are committed to supporting our young women to turn their political ambition into running for office in their communities.

Members of the IGNITE Alumni Network have access to:

  • IGNITE’s vast national network of peers, mentors and elected officials
  • Mentorships, internships and job opportunities
  • Online and in-person workshops and trainings
  • Opportunities to mentor high school and college participants
  • A quarterly newsletter filled with tips and resources for campaigning

Join the Alumni Network   Welcome Packet

You are eligible to join if you have participated in eight or more hours of events or programs:

  • High school program
  • College chapter
  • College Council
  • National and state conferences
  • Webinars
  • Fellowship

Why women are joining


“The network you build and the connections you make with IGNITE don’t end with the College Council. You spend time together with other women going to events, sharing opportunities with each other - and it doesn’t just stop all of a sudden. With the Alumni Network, the growth and the bonding continues.”

- Zunera Ahmed, IGNITE Alumna from New York City, current IGNITE Fellow, senior at Brooklyn College

“I chose to major in Public Policy as a result of my involvement with IGNITE in high school. Political representation, civic engagement and activism are more important and relevant than ever, particularly for my community. The discussions, issues, and questions posed throughout my IGNITE experience continue to guide my personal and career aspirations.”

- Karla G. Garcia, IGNITE Alumna from Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, senior at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"IGNITE has not only shown me that I belong in politics but also provided me with the resources to be able to pursue my political ambition. Being part of the IGNITE Alumni Network will allow me to meet more amazing women across the nation who share the same love of IGNITE and passion to create a difference in their communities!"

- Juli Adhikari, IGNITE Alumna and senior at the University of California Berkeley, and Vice-Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women

Jocelyn_with_Pelosi.jpgAlumni Spotlight

Aluma Jocelyn Yow served as the youngest Student Body President at Norco College in Riverside, CA.  In 2015, she joined the IGNITE to tap into a community that would support her aspirations for political leadership. She transferred to UC Berkeley where she founded the Pre-Law Coalition for Social Justice and had the honor of serving as a Peace and Justice Commissioner for City of Berkeley. Jocelyn was recently elected as a Delegate for AD 60 and is currently working in Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s office. Jocelyn is planning to run for school board in the near future. In the meantime, she continues to mentor and support current IGNITE participants and will be a great resource to get college-aged women elected to boards and commissions. 

Special thanks to Battery Powered, who funded this next step in our programming!